Steve Kerr Winning Nba Championship Along Michael Jordan

Steve Kerr and His 8 NBA Championship Titles 1

Steve Kerr is a champion, no question about it! Whether it’s as a player or as a coach, Kerr has won many championship rings in his career. Do you know how many he has?

Steve Kerr’s life like his career has been a journey. Born in Beirut, Lebanon his father was Malcolm H. Kerr, an American academic who specialized in the Middle East. Kerr grew up in Lebanon and various Middle Eastern countries. Sadly, his father was killed by two gunmen during the Lebanese revolution in 1984. That tragedy shaped Kerr for the rest of his life and he used it to apply focus on his passion, basketball.

Steve Kerr played for various NBA teams before landing with the Chicago Bullsin 1993, he would play six seasons with them before moving on to the San Antonio Spurs and finishing his career in 2003. Kerr was a tricky Point guard, while he only averaged about 6 points per game, he was all hustle and a pretty good three-point shooter.

While Kerr did not amass individual honors, he did win championship rings in his playing career, he captured 5 NBA titles, and when he began coaching the Golden State Warriors he won an additional 3 championships as a coach. Let’s take a look at all of Steve Kerr’s NBA championships.

Bulls Three-peat 1996- 1998

Steve Kerr Winning Nba Championship Along Michael Jordan

In his three titles with the Bulls, Kerr was a role player, coming off the bench to provide hustle and passing ability to open up space. In 1996 he averaged 5 points in the NBA Finals series, but in 1997 he cemented his legacy with the Bulls in Game 6, when the Jazz expected Michael Jordan to take a last-minute shot, but Jordan instead passed the ball to Kerr who hit a 17-footer with 5 seconds left to win the game and the title.

Spurs two-time champion

Steve Kerr Playing As San Antonio Spurs

When he was traded to the Spurs, Kerr continued his role as role player and set up man. He was apart of two more championship teams with the likes of David Robinson, Manu Ginóbili, Tony Parker, and Tim Duncan.

As a coach three rings with the Golden State Warriors

Steve Kerr As Golden State Warriors Head Coach

Since 2014, Kerr has been the coach of the Golden State Warriors and has amassed an incredible .709 winning percentage with the team. He has led the Warriors to three NBA titles and has been to the finals in each season except 2019-2020.

Flash Back On Some Of Steve Kerr’s Career Highlight

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