Will Smith 2021 Atlanta Braves World Series Ring

How much is the Braves replica ring worth?

70 / 100

A Braves replica ring can cost anywhere from $20 to $200 depending on the material used and the level of customization it could offer.

The Braves’ World Champions Burger

However, if you are a huge Braves fans, you should have heard of The Braves’ World Champions Burger.

In Truist Park, home court of the Atlanta Braves has been selling a cheeseburger in honor of the team’s victory in the 2021 World Series.

This burger was set at a cost of $151 symbolizing a dollar for each year the Braves have established as a team. It includes a cheeseburger and a replica 2021 Braves World Series Ring.

Furthermore, it was pretty luxurious but a great add on to the Braves’ fans considering if you are a burger fan too.

Where can I get a cheap and affordable World Series Braves Replica ring

In addition, if you aren’t looking to spend a luxurious amount on a championship ring. Buychampionrings.com is a place where they sell a great collection of championship rings at an affordable cost.

Every ring cost at about $20 on average and they offer set rings which bring the cost down to as low as $10 for each ring.

The 2021 Braves ring was sold at $26.99 with a great quality and excellence in details. A perfect collection to the Braves fans.

2021 Atlanta Braves World Series Ring
2021 atlanta braves world series ring

THE Braves Replica RING TOP:

The 2021 Atlanta Braves World Series ring top features the Braves “A” logo, created in contrasting 18.71-karat white gold paying homage to the founding of the franchise in the year 1871

An astounding 150 diamonds are intricately, pavé-set within the “A” honoring the incredible 150 years of franchise history

A blue stone can be seen beneath the logo, creating a subtle blue outline and surrounding the logo are an additional 193 brilliant diamonds

The words WORLD CHAMPIONS accents the top and bottom of the ring, set expertly with 113 diamonds

Adoring the left and right sides of the ring are two rows of 11 emerald-cut diamonds; when combined there are a total of 44 emerald-cut diamonds. These 44 diamonds celebrate Braves legend and one of the greatest baseball players to ever take the field, Hank Aaron


Using a specialized mechanism, the entire top of the Atlanta Braves 2021 World Series Ring can be removed to reveal extra storytelling details

Upon opening, the 2021 World Series Ring lights up with micro-LED lights and illuminates a miniature Truist Park, much like the dazzling lights which lit the field during the Braves’ historic Postseason run

The meticulous detail of the ballpark field displays 44 which was on the outfield grass all season long, a nod to Hank Aaron

Set within the stands of Truist Park are 11 rubies – each ruby is placed in the exact location where the Braves 11 World Series homeruns were hit

When removed, the reverse side of the ring top features the phrase from outfielder, Joc Pederson, “WE ARE THOSE…” a line from an article written by Joc Pederson in the Player’s Tribune about his new team, the Braves, and their chances in the Postseason

Below, once again is 2021 WORLD CHAMPIONS


The ring features the logos and series results of the opponents defeated by the Braves on their journey to become World Series Champions

To the right is the team’s modified postseason motto “BATTLE WON”

7.30.21 is also inscribed signifying the trade deadline where the team made significant moves to add key players who contributed during the Postseason

Above is the iconic “A” logo created using a custom blue ceramic which perfectly matches the deep blue hue associated with the Braves

Below, a red sword, a reference to the unique celebration by Guillermo Heredia

How Many World Series Rings the Braves won?

Firstly, the Braves has won four World Series rings. With two of them won at the Milwaukee Braves while the other two was won after the franchise moved to Atlanta.

Four Championship rings were won in year 1914. 1957. 1995 and 2021.