Boston Red Sox

How many championship rings does Boston Red Sox have?

76 / 100

Best of Boston Red Sox playoff Ring on Sale Boston Red Sox has won 9 world series championship Ring.

Ties with the Oakland Athletics to rank within the 3rd place being the franchise that won the foremost CHampionship Rings.

9 playoff championship rings were won in year 1903, 1912, 1915, 1916, 1918, 2004, 2007, 2013 and 2018.

1903 Boston Red Sox Championship Rings

Boston Red Sox came back from a 3-1 deficit, winning the ultimate four games to capture the title.

Furthermore, such an oversized comeback wouldn’t happen again until the Pittsburgh Pirates came back to defeat the Washington Senators within the 1925 World Series, and is going on only 11 times in baseball history.

Lastly, Red Sox claimed their first CHampionship Rings.

1912 Boston Red Sox World Series Ring
Boston Red Sox 1912 Championship rings

1912 Boston Red Sox CHampionship Rings

This series, featuring close games and controversial decisions, was considered one in every of the foremost exciting series of its era.

Nearly all of the games were close. Four games during this Series were decided by one run. A fifth resulted in a tie A sixth was decided by two runs.

Game 7 was the sole one with a margin greater than three runs. Two games, including the decisive Game 8, visited overtime.

However, in Games 1 and three, the losing team had the tying and winning runs aboard when the sport ended.

To date, this can be the sole playoff to finish on a sacrifice. Lastly, winning their second playoff ring for the franchise.

1915 Boston Red Sox World Series Ring
1915 Boston Red Sox World Series Ring Championship rings

1915 Boston Red Sox CHampionship Rings

In their only series before 1950, the Philadelphia Phillies won Game 1 before being swept the remainder of the way.

In addition, it had been 65 years before the Phillies won their next Series game. Furthermore, the Red Sox pitching was so strong within the 1915 series that the young Ruth wasn’t used on the mound and only made one pinch-hitting appearance. Lastly, winning their 3rd playoff ring.

1916 Boston Red Sox World Series Ring
1916 Boston Red Sox World Series Ring Championship rings

1916 Boston Red Sox CHampionship Rings

Casey Stengel shone on offense for the Robins within the 1916 Series, but the Red Sox pitching corps ultimately proved an excessive amount of for the denizens of Flatbush.

The Sox’s Ruth pitched 13 shutout innings in Game 2, starting a consecutive scoreless innings streak that may reach 29 in 1918. 

As with the 1915 Series, the Red Sox played their home games at the larger Braves Field, and it paid off as they drew a then-record 43,620 people for the ultimate game. 

Brooklyn fielded some strong teams under their manager and namesake Wilbert Robinson within the late 1910s.   

The Robins, also interchangeably called the Dodgers, would win the pennant again in 1920, but the American League teams were generally stronger during that interval. 

Furthermore, it might be 39 years before the Dodgers would win their first playoff title in 1955.  

1918 Boston Red Sox World Series Ring
1918 Boston Red Sox World Series Ring Championship rings

1918 Boston Red Sox playoff Ring  

Firstly, this is often the fifth CHampionship Rings won be the Boston Red Sox by dedeating the Chicago Cubs 4-2 on the planet series game. 

Secondly, 1918 championship would be the last Red Sox win until 2004.    The drought of 86 years was often attributed to the Curse of the Bambino. 

The alleged curse came to be when Red Sox owner Harry Frazee traded the superbly talented but troublesome baseball player (who was instrumental in their 1918 victory) to the New York Yankees for cash after the 1919 season.  

Thirdly, the Chicago Cubs wouldn’t win their next series until 2016.    The Cubs, who last won in 1908, won the National League but lost the Series in 1918, 1929, 1932, 1935, 1938, and 1945, allegedly stymied by the infamous Curse of the he-goat imposed during that latter Series.   

Fourthly, the Red Sox, who had won the American League but lost the Series in 1946, 1967, 1975, and 1986, finally won the globe Series in 2004 and so won again in 2007, 2013 and 2018.  

When the Red Sox won in 2018 (against the la Dodgers), they became the primary team to win the autumn Classic exactly one century apart.  

After Game 6, it’d be some 87 years until the Cubs and Red Sox would play again. A three-game interleague match-up at Wrigley Field began June 10, 2005, and was Boston’s first visit to the park.   

The Cubs wouldn’t return to Fenway Park for nearly 94 years until a three-game interleague match-up beginning May 20, 2011.

2004 Boston Red Sox World Series Ring
2004 Boston Red Sox World Series Ring Championship rings

2004 Boston Red Sox CHampionship Rings  

The St. Louis Cardinals earned their berth into the playoffs by winning the NL Central division title, and had the simplest win–loss record within the NL. 

However, the Boston Red Sox won the AL wild card to earn theirs.    The Cardinals reached the globe Series by defeating the la Dodgers within the best-of-five NL Division Series and also the Houston Astros within the best-of-seven NL Championship Series.  

While the Red Sox defeated the Anaheim Angels within the AL Division Series. After trailing three games to none to the ny Yankees within the AL Championship Series, the Red Sox came back to win the series, advancing to their first playoff since 1986.  

Furthermore, the Cardinals made their launching within the playoff since 1987.

With the geographic area Patriots winning Super Bowl XXXVIII, the planet Series victory made Boston the primary city to possess Super Bowl and playoff championship teams within the same year (2004) since Pittsburgh in 1979.  

Boston Red Sox became the third straight wild card team to win the globe Series; the Anaheim Angels won in 2002 and also the Florida Marlins won in 2003.  

Firstly, the Red Sox had home-field advantage within the World Series naturally of the AL winning the 2004 All-Star Game.   

Secondly, in game one, Mark Bellhorn helped the Red Sox win with a home run, while starter Curt Schilling led the team to a game two victory by pitching six innings and allowing only one run.   

Thirdly, the Boston Red Sox won the primary two games despite committing four errors in each. The Red Sox won game three, aided by seven shutout innings by Pedro Martínez.   

A home pass Johnny Damon within the first inning helped to win game four for the Red Sox to secure the series.   Lastly, the Cardinals didn’t lead in any of the games within the series. Above all, Manny Ramírez was named the series’ most beneficial Player.  

The Red Sox and Cardinals faced one another again within the 2013 World Series, which the Red Sox also won, this point 4 games to 2.  

Winning the 6th CHampionship Rings for the franchise after the championship draught for over a decade.

2007 Boston Red Sox World Series Ring
2007 Boston Red Sox World Series Ring Championship rings

2007 Boston Red Sox CHampionship Rings  

Firstly, Terry Francona became the second Red Sox manager to win two World Series titles, following Bill Carrigan, who won the 1915 and 1916 playoff.   

Including the last three games of the AL Championship Series, the Red Sox outscored their opposition 59–15 over their final seven games.   

Secondly, Francona also became the primary manager to win his first 8 playoff games.   

The Rockies, meanwhile, became the primary NL team to urge swept in an exceedingly World Series after sweeping the League Championship Series, and just the second team ever to suffer such a fate, following the Oakland Athletics in 1990.   

Lastly, this fate would again be suffered by the 2012 Detroit Tigers, being swept by the San Francisco Giants within the playoff after sweeping the ny Yankees within the ALCS. This was the 7th CHampionship Rings won by the franchise.   

2013 Boston Red Sox World Series Ring
2013 Boston Red Sox World Series Ring Championship rings

2013 Boston Red Sox CHampionship Rings  

Firstly, this was the fourth meeting of the Cardinals and therefore the Red Sox within the series (previously meeting in 1946, 1967, and 2004).  

Secondly, it absolutely was also the primary playoff since 1958 to feature two teams with identical regular season records.  

Thirdly, Winning in six games, the Red Sox clinched their first playoff championship at their home field of Fenway Park since 1918, and also the most up-to-date edition where the championship was clinched by the house team (the Dodgers won the 2020 World Series because the designated home team, but at a neutral site).  

Lastly, David Ortiz was awarded the globe Series most beneficial Player Award. He became the primary non-Yankee to win three series titles with one team since Jim Palmer.  

Claiming the eighth playoff ring for the Boston Red Sox.  

2018 Boston Red Sox World Series Ring
2018 Boston Red Sox World Series Ring Championship rings

2018 Boston Red Sox CHampionship Rings  

The 2018 World Series was the primary since 2000 to feature two teams which had also reached the postseason within the prior year.  

Additionally, the Red Sox became the primary team to win two series exactly one century apart, as they’d defeated the Chicago Cubs in 1918, while the Dodgers were the primary team since the 2011 Texas Rangers, and therefore the first NL team since the 1992 Atlanta Braves, to lose consecutive Fall Classics.    

This was the 3rd straight playoff to be won by a team with 100+ wins, and therefore the 5th straight to be won on the road. Also, the 9th CHampionship Rings and therefore the last CHampionship Rings won by the franchise.