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Best of Philadelphia Phillies Word Seris Ring

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Philadelphia Phillies has won 2 Word Series Ring. Both World Series Ring are won in year 1980 and 2008 respectively.

Philadelphia Phillies History

The Phillies have won two World Series championships (against the Kansas City Royals in 1980 and the Tampa Bay Rays in 2008) and seven National League pennants, the first of which came in 1915.

Since the first modern World Series was played in 1903, the Phillies played 77 consecutive seasons (and 97 seasons from the club’s establishment) before they won their first World Series—longer than any of the other 16 teams that made up the major leagues for the first half of the 20th century.

They are one of the more successful franchises since the start of the Divisional Era in Major League Baseball. The Phillies have won 11 division titles, including five consecutive division titles from 2007 to 2011.

Furthermore, these are ranked sixth among all teams and fourth in the National League. However, they are one of only two teams without a wild card berth.

Above all, Hall of Fame third baseman Mike Schmidt is widely considered the franchise’s greatest player of all time.

Firstly, the franchise was founded in Philadelphia in 1883, replacing the team from Worcester, Massachusetts, in the National League.

Secondly, the team has played at several stadiums in the city, beginning with Recreation Park and continuing at Baker Bowl; Shibe Park, which was later renamed Connie Mack Stadium in honor of the longtime Philadelphia Athletics manager; Veterans Stadium, and now Citizens Bank Park.

From 1883 to 2021, the Phillies’ overall win–loss record is 9,935–11,112 (.472).

Despite their longevity and their rabid fan base, the Philadelphia Phillies are a team historically associated with futility, being the first American sports franchise to amass over 10,000 losses.

However, the team has only won two World Series titles, winning their first in 1980 (the last of the “Original Sixteen” Major League Baseball franchises to win a World Series), and their second in 2008. The franchise holds the world record for most ever losses by a single franchise in any professional sport.

1980 Philadelphia Phillies World Series Ring

1980 Philadelphia Phillies World Series Ring
1980 Philadelphia Phillies World Series Ring

Firstly, the Phillies defeated the Royals in six games to secure their first World Series championship in franchise history; third baseman Mike Schmidt was named the World Series MVP.

Secondly, the Kansas City Royals became the second expansion team, and the first from the American League, to appear in the World Series. The AL had to wait until 1985 before one of their expansion teams—the Royals—won a World Series.

Thirdly, this was also the first World Series since 1920, and the most recent, in which neither team had a previous World Series title. This can only be repeated if either the San Diego Padres, Milwaukee Brewers, or Colorado Rockies play in a series against the Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Rays, or Texas Rangers.

With their victory, the Phillies became the final team out of the original 16 MLB teams to win a World Series.

However, a Philadelphia team had won a World Series before, the last being the Athletics in 1930, exactly a half-century earlier; in a twist of fate, the Athletics played 13 years in Kansas City (1955–1967) before relocating to Oakland.

This World Series victory claimed the Philadelphia Phillies their first World Series Ring.

2008 Philadelphia Phillies World Series Ring

2008 Philadelphia Phillies World Series Ring
2008 Philadelphia Phillies World Series Ring

The Philadelphia Phillies outrun the Tampa Bay Rays 4-1 in the 2008 world series game claiming their second franchise victory and bringing home another world series ring.

Firstly, the Phillies advanced to the World Series after defeating the Milwaukee Brewers and the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NL’s Divisional Series and Championship Series, respectively.

Secondly, team won its position in the playoffs after its second consecutive NL East division title.

This was the Phillies’ first World Series appearance in fifteen years. The Tampa Bay Rays advanced to the World Series after defeating the Chicago White Sox and the Boston Red Sox, the 2007 World Series champion, in the AL’s Division Series and 2008 American League Championship Series.

Above all, these was the second World Series Ring won by the Phillies and no more world series ring was won till today.