2021 Atlanta Braves World Series Championship Ring

Atlanta Braves World Series Ring for Sale. Buy 2021 Braves Ring 1

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Atlanta, GA, April 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Atlanta Braves and Jostens, the industry-leader in providing custom, hand-crafted fine jewelry for professional sports teams, unveiled the Braves 2021 World Series Championship Rings earlier this evening. The pregame on-field ceremony showcased Atlanta Braves executives presenting rings to players, coaches, clubhouse and training staff.

2021 Atlanta Braves World Series Championship Ring
2021 Atlanta Braves World Series Championship Ring

“The 2021 World Series Ring is truly a feat of jewelry engineering and detailed storytelling, it is a stunning tribute to the Braves and their unwavering commitment to excellence this season,” said Chris Poitras Professional Sports Division is honored to present the Braves with their World Series ring, which has a never-before-seen feature that will become a part of championship ring history.”

“We selected Jostens to be our partner to celebrate this chapter of Braves history as they have the ability to capture a championship journey unlike any other company in the industry,” said Derek Schiller, President & CEO of the Atlanta Braves. “Our 2021 World Series Ring is a masterpiece which beautifully celebrates our incredible season which ended as World Champions. We are also thrilled to have the opportunity to share the championship excitement with our incredible fan base and the special collection Jostens has put together.”

The Atlanta Braves 2021 season was an undeniable success, as they achieved the greatest title in baseball – World Series Champions. This feat is honored through a spectacular ring, rich in artistic storytelling and jewelry engineering. The 2021 Atlanta Braves World Series Ring is a true piece of hand-crafted excellence created in 14-karat yellow gold with 18.71-karat white gold accents with diamonds and genuine rubies that make this ring worthy of World Champions.

Special features include:


The ring top features the Braves “A” logo, created in contrasting 18.71-karat white gold paying homage to the founding of the franchise in the year 1871

An astounding 150 diamonds are intricately, pavé-set within the “A” honoring the incredible 150 years of franchise history

A blue stone can be seen beneath the logo, creating a subtle blue outline and surrounding the logo are an additional 193 brilliant diamonds

The words WORLD CHAMPIONS accents the top and bottom of the ring, set expertly with 113 diamonds

Adoring the left and right sides of the ring are two rows of 11 emerald-cut diamonds; when combined there are a total of 44 emerald-cut diamonds. These 44 diamonds celebrate Braves legend and one of the greatest baseball players to ever take the field, Hank Aaron

2021 Atlanta Braves World Series Ring 1
Atlanta Braves World Series Ring for Sale. Buy 2021 Braves Ring 12

Completing the ring top are 4 princess-cut rubies, set in the four corners of the ring top representing the 4 World Series victories achieved by the Braves


Using a specialized mechanism, the entire top of the Atlanta Braves 2021 World Series Ring can be removed to reveal extra storytelling details

Upon opening, the 2021 World Series Ring lights up with micro-LED lights and illuminates a miniature Truist Park, much like the dazzling lights which lit the field during the Braves’ historic Postseason run

The meticulous detail of the ballpark field displays 44 which was on the outfield grass all season long, a nod to Hank Aaron

Set within the stands of Truist Park are 11 rubies – each ruby is placed in the exact location where the Braves 11 World Series homeruns were hit

When removed, the reverse side of the ring top features the phrase from outfielder, Joc Pederson, “WE ARE THOSE…” a line from an article written by Joc Pederson in the Player’s Tribune about his new team, the Braves, and their chances in the Postseason

Below, once again is 2021 WORLD CHAMPIONS


Features the recipient’s name and below their name is the Braves tomahawk logo made with four custom-cut rubies delicately held in place with fine pieces of yellow gold

Celebrating their individual contribution to the team’s success, players receive their jersey number set with diamonds below the logo

The bricks of Truist Park’s notoriously difficult right field wall are recreated in spectacular miniature detail in the background


2021 Atlanta Braves World Series Championship Ring
2021 Atlanta Braves World Series Championship Ring

The right side proudly displays the Atlanta Braves wordmark logo in the 1972 font.

Below, is the coveted Commissioner’s Trophy set with a single genuine white pearl. The unique use of the pearl on this Championship Ring is in reference to Pederson’s famous pearl necklace which became part of the fans attire during the 2021 postseason.

Set in the base of the Trophy are 4 round diamonds, honoring the Braves 4th straight NL East Championship.

Surrounding the Trophy is a stylized baseball diamond, with 3 princess-cut diamonds set in 1st, 2nd and 3rd base with an additional 16 round diamonds set in the base paths.

In total there are 23 diamonds on the right side of the ring, symbolic of the 23 home runs hit in the 2021 postseason. Completing the right side is the championship year date, 2021 and the right field brick wall background.


The ring features the logos and series results of the opponents defeated by the Braves on their journey to become World Series Champions

To the right is the team’s modified postseason motto “BATTLE WON”

7.30.21 is also inscribed signifying the trade deadline where the team made significant moves to add key players who contributed during the Postseason

Above is the iconic “A” logo created using a custom blue ceramic which perfectly matches the deep blue hue associated with the Braves

Below, a red sword, a reference to the unique celebration by Guillermo Heredia

As an added element of personalization, players receive their own unique signature on the interior palm of the ring

The Atlanta Braves 2021 World Series Ring features an incredible number of diamonds not only set in the ring top, but along the ring sides as well. An additional 232 round diamonds cascade from the top of the ring, flowing down the sides and palm where the words “FOR THE A” are prominently featured


The Atlanta Braves 2021 World Series Ring boasts an incredible total stone count unlike any other Championship Ring.

708 round diamonds

44 emerald-cut diamonds

3 princess-cut diamonds

4 custom-cut rubies

4 princess-cut rubies

11 round rubies

One white pearl

In total these rings have an astounding total gem carat weight of approximately 13.3 carats


Jostens also partnered with the Atlanta Braves in producing an Official World Series Championship Fan Collection allowing Braves Country to celebrate the World Series victory. Braves fans can capture their piece of the World Series and commemorate this exciting moment in franchise history through a selection of customized jewelry and championship collectibles. All pieces in this collection are inspired by the Braves official Championship Ring and are now available for a limited time by ordering online at: Championship Rings for Sale Cheap in United States (buychampionrings.com)

2021 Atlanta Braves World Series Championship Ring
2021 Atlanta Braves World Series Championship Ring

As a part of the exciting World Series Fan Collection, the Braves have created a unique purchasing opportunity for fans including a limited-edition ring. Designed to be as close to the one awarded to the players 150 limited-edition rings will be available, a nod to the Braves 150 years of franchise history. The limited-edition ring is also available online at Championship Rings for Sale Cheap in United States (buychampionrings.com)

In addition to crafting the Atlanta Braves 1995 World Series Ring, 1999 National League Championship Ring, Jostens has also crafted the 2016 Atlanta Falcons NFC Championship Ring and the 2018 Atlanta United MLS Cup Ring.

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Based in Atlanta since 1966, the Braves are the longest continuously operating franchise in Major League Baseball. Since 1991, Braves teams have earned two National League wild cards, 19 division championships, six National League pennants, and two World Series titles. Atlanta Braves games are telecast on Bally Sports South and Bally Sports Southeast. Radio broadcasts can be heard in Atlanta on 680 The Fan (AM) and regionally on the Atlanta Braves Radio Network.

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